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Let’s Do It!

Court Orders Ballot Spot for Michigan Collective Bargaining Initiative

Court Orders Ballot Spot for Michigan Collective Bargaining Initiative.

Wear Red

Don’t forget to wear red on Wednesdays. We’re in the fight of our lives …… working class people, trying to continue to exist. Fighting for life as we know it! Stand up, band together and move forward, in SOLIDARITY!

Finally I’m Here!

My beautiful niece!

Register to Vote

The National Presidential Election is November 6, 2012. Please register to vote before October 6. Visit the Secretary of State or your local Registration station. Have a valid State ID / or Driver’s License Make sure your address is correct Make sure you know your voting station is correct!

75 Years in SOLIDARITY for the UAW

     Just 200 workers dreamed of a better life for themselves and fellow auto workers met at the Fort Shelby Hotel in Detroit and chartered this great union!

presidential debate schedule & format

Originally posted on atolemdro:
via 2012 election central.  it’d be cool if the format matched the last episode of the newsroom but oh well.  as the magazine cover asks, who do you think will win the debates? October 3, 2012 Topic: Domestic policy Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time Location: University of Denver in Denver, Colorado Sponsor: Commission…