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“What you have in Michigan …”


Al Sharpton was in Detroit for a series of voter’s registration drives being conducted as part of the National Action Network’s Voter Engagement Tour.

Sharpton was at King Solomon Baptist Church and Metro Foodland on Grand River on Saturday. Sunday he gave a sermon at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, then participated in a voters registration drive.

He urged people to get involved in their communities and boost black voters participation.” We have as much or more reason to vote now than we ever did. They’re going to write history on Nov. 6. The question is what that history will be” ” What you have in Michigan on the ballot is one attempt to interpose state law on federal law and your rights. The emergency manager does not have the right to impose his will on the people of Detroit or any city.”

He tailored his words to Detroit, talking about the auto industry and former Mayor Young. He addressed the emergency manager law, taking it back to Dr. King’s, I have Dream speech. He praised Obama’s efforts, saying “We know what change is, and we are a people that know nothing is going to change overnight.”

Sharpton also lead a rally to Saginaw over the shooting death of Milton Hall. Hall, 49, a mentally ill homeless man, was shot by police six times by Saginaw police on July 1. The rally took place Saturday afternoon.

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