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Don’t fall for the Okeydoke


These men are liars. They don’t have your best interest at heart. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear, leaving you wanting more. And after its over, you will be the one that’s hurt and left empty inside. Its like bad blind drunken date, and the hangover after. Don’t fall for the Bullshhh …

Here’s some of the fairy tales we’ve been told:

1. Ryan said he completed a marathon in record time.

2. Mitt said he and his father walked with Martin Luther King Jr.

3. Mitt said he wants to help the grandparents, but he in fact wants vouchers for elderly people.

4. Mitt was caught on tape at a private fundraiser and stated he doesn’t have to worry about 47% of the American people.

5. Ryan recently showed up at a soup kitchen, unannounced and had pictures taken.

6. Mitt said to let Detroit go bankrupt, but now changes his sentiment.

That’s just a few. They’ve been accused of many more. These men flip-flop more the pancakes being turned over. They stick by whatever makes them look good at the time. Remember Mitt is only concerned with about 51% of you people that pay taxes. The other 2%, are his friends, of they don’t have to pay in taxes what you will pay. Don’t fall for the Okeydoke!

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