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Religion or Politics?


Pat Robertson weigh in on the debate. Pat believes that Obama had no right to defend his foreign policies. He thinks Obama should have allowed Mitt the floor and him to call him a liar. He believes that Barack should’ve understood it was a Debate and have some tough skin.

Wow, Pat. I have to say, I was offended with Mitt blaming the President, and trying seize the opportunity for political gain on the lives of 4 of our own. Yes Pat, that was offensive. Mitt attacked the President more than once and tried to call him a liar, when that’s all about him.

As I watched the 700 Club, (before I found the remote), I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t realize Pat, you and the rest of Romney/ and Ryan’s supporters think that lying is OK. “Its just a white lie, who will know. I said it, and the other 53% of American people are the only ones I have to worry about anyway.”

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