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What If?


Currently the NHL is locked out because their CBA (collective bargaining agreement) expired. What if they seat out the season without an agreement? What if they can’t come together with the owners? What if the owners are waiting on the outcome of the election? What if there’s no collective bargaining agreement, or if Proposal 2 doesn’t pass?

The 2004/ 05 NHL season was canceled due to contract talks, which is not going well between the two parties. Games have been suspended through November, and its looking like a locked out season again.

It seems like hockey players and fans are suffering because the CBA expired, but this sport doesn’t bring in the revenue that football or basketball does. Yes, it is all about money, the media, endorsements and other sport entities. With hockey teams salaries at 71 million vs basketball’s 100 million, being an owner, you might wait until the outcome of the election, to see what’s beneficial for your pockets. Power and that old fashioned greed, is what it boils down to.

Busting up the unions is part of the whole grand scheme. If collective bargaining goes away, it eliminates a lot of problems for the bosses. No more pensions, health benefits, lifetime injuries, workman comp, and high salaries, just the deal they feel is appropriate. Take a close look people, this proposal means lifestyles will change.


Proposal 2 is not just about the public sector, its about the private sector also. This proposal will allow employees to continue to negotiate in good faith, their wages, health benefits, safe work conditions and many other issues pertaining to the workplace. Without a CBA in place, rather its private or public, you will not have these options. Starting with teachers, then moving to autoworkers and unions, they inevitably get to hockey, moving to all sports.

What If?!

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