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Don’t fall for the Okeydoke

These men are liars. They don’t have your best interest at heart. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear, leaving you wanting more. And after its over, you will be the one that’s hurt and left empty inside. Its like bad blind drunken date, and the hangover after. Don’t fall for the […]

Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining is important to everyone. Without Collective Bargaining, the state of Michigan will crumble. Which will cause a trickle down effect in this country. Please Vote Yes on Proposal 2, it will save jobs.

Religion or Politics?

Pat Robertson weigh in on the debate. Pat believes that Obama had no right to defend his foreign policies. He thinks Obama should have allowed Mitt the floor and him to call him a liar. He believes that Barack should’ve understood it was a Debate and have some tough skin. Wow, Pat. I have to […]

Obama takes a Lead with Early Voters

Obama has taken a lead in the early voters polls. This race is no way over, its just beginning. Please come out and vote/ or volunteer to put our President back in the White House.

Get Out And Vote in Detroit

The Boss and Clinton Campaign for Obama

The Boss and Clinton Campaign for Obama

Bruce Springsteen and Bill Clinton will be in Ohio on Thursday. Ohio is an important swing state, no President has won without it. Bruce has come out to appeal to hard labor working class people. Born in the USA!

Bruce Springsteen rocks out for Barack Obama