What’s Going On!


This super storm, devastation, complete disaster, has reeked havoc on the east coast. Killing at least 70 people, leaving homes and business without power, shutting Wall Street down, all while the rest of the country pray for the victims. Our President acted quickly. With only days away from the election, he stopped campaigning, and came […]

What If?

Currently the NHL is locked out because their CBA (collective bargaining agreement) expired. What if they seat out the season without an agreement? What if they can’t come together with the owners? What if the owners are waiting on the outcome of the election? What if there’s no collective bargaining agreement, or if Proposal 2 […]

Halloween Party

Local 228/ 2280 Veteran’s Committee Halloween Party was Saturday night. Of course it was a blast. They had plenty of fun, food, treats, and costumes. I had a nice time. I’m looking forward to next year party!

Biden Spar off with Ryan

Joe and Paul debate was last night. It was clear from the beginning, who was in control. Paul didn’t get a chance to spread any new anecdotes. Joe was all over him. He threw his facts and figures and years of experience to win this round.

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